Job Match Meetings

Job Match Meetings

TGI emphasizes quality job matching and results data. This is an invaluable tool for both existing participants and those new to the Thobe Group survey approach, and ensures effective job matching, greater understanding of how industry changes affect your jobs, and eases submission completion.

1993 – 2001: TGI conducted group job match meetings for each industry group.

Post 9/11: Travel and budget restrictions precluded the group job matching process, so TGI developed an individual teleconference job matching approach to maintain data integrity. Since valuable relationships are built at the group meetings we plan to return to that format just as soon as the industry can support it; in the interim we have conducted teleconference and on-site job match meetings to ensure data quality.

For 2010: We will poll our participants to see if 2010 can be the year we return to the group job matching process for the entire survey population and/or for selected Industry Groups (Alternative Services, ILEC, and/or Wireless). If not, we will continue our one-on-one teleconference and on-site job match meetings.

Job Matching Guidebooks are provided in soft copy with online data submission . The Guidebook contains, for each job family, survey job organization chart with an overview of each job, and each job’s Job Component Statements© complete with response choices. This allows you to provide managers a soft copy of the information to review the specific job families in their specific department and provide valuable “front-line” input to the survey responses.

When line management (with their vast knowledge of the jobs) is involved in the job match process, the potential for increasing the data/match quality rises sharply, offers a strong degree of comfort for line managers in the matches, and underlines the effort HR undertakes to meet their each department's unique data needs. Over the last 4 years, the percent of our participants who invite line management to participate in our one-on-one teleconference and on-site job match meetings has risen to nearly 90%.

Participating in the Job Match Meeting used to be a condition of participation only for the first two years a company/company representative is in the survey, and every other year thereafter as long as the same company representative participated. Rapid technological changes, mergers/acquisitions, and job design changes have mandated each company participate in the Job Match process each year.

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